Missed Connections

August 25, 2016

At Canfield Business Interiors, we enjoy a fun environment with plenty of laughs mixed in with good old-fashioned hard work. One of our guilty office pleasures is chatting about “Missed Connections” in the break room while we pour our morning coffee.

In case you’ve missed it, “Missed Connections” is a section on Craigslist in which people share a short description about themselves while reaching out to others they’ve seen in hopes that they could be “The One” or at the very least could be someone to know on a deeper level. One might read something like this: “I was shopping for produce at the HyVee on South Cliff Avenue. You were wearing a floral shirt with faded cut-off jeans and bright green flip flops. It was your smile that caught me — your amazing smile …” They go on from there.

Some are relatively sweet. Some are creepy. Some of them are very, very creepy.

Either way, life isn’t like Craigslist. We don’t often get the opportunity to recreate a situation. Missed connections are usually just that — missed.

In business, we know this is true and with space it is the same way. Poor office design is poor office design, and all too often it’s not conducive to teamwork or a productive culture until you decide to change it.

Space matters — not only for your current and new employees, but also for those top candidates you are hoping to attract. You never get a second chance to make that first impression. Our Team would appreciate the opportunity to help you make that connection with your employees, recruits and clients. Good design adds value much faster than it adds cost. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Browse our new Canfield website to see a visual resume of some of the many business partners who have entrusted us to make their space better.

And to that beautiful woman with the mussed up hair I saw in our kitchen this morning sipping her coffee and wearing that pair of floral pajamas that look like my great grandma’s discarded curtains, I’ll be home by 6 tonight and I would like to take you out on the town.

Have a great day everyone and remember: Design Matters!

Mike Grove

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