Introducing the Fern

September 7, 2016

The Fern (from Haworth)Haworth’s new ergonomic chair, Fern, celebrates comfort by turning traditional design outside-in. Dimensional suspension is artfully concealed, like an endoskeleton. This is opposite of most chairs exoskeleton design. Fern adjustment mechanisms are discreet, resulting in an inviting and approachable chair with residential appeal. Fern has a clean, sculpted design that elevates task chair aesthetics, making it appropriate for a variety of workspaces, including task, executive and conference.

designdriven325A chair needs both structure and support but you only want to feel the latter. Because Haworth concentrated on sitting, not seating, Fern is completely rethought with this in mind. One important result of this thinking: moving the suspension architecture from the outside of the chair to the center. With this move, Fern’s edges are soft and pliable, providing users with an edgeless comfort experience. There are no hard edges to bump or cause pressure as users move.

Inspired by the structure of a fern, Haworth’s new chair has a centered structure and an innovative suspension system called Stem. This central loop spine supports an array of Fronds. Each Frond is different; each calibrated to support a different area of the back. As a result, Fern provides total back support – from the thoracic (upper back), to the lumbar (middle back), to the pelvic (lower back) areas. This total support is continuous as the user moves and adjusts to each user differently. Like the back, the seat also has fronds that provide built-in flexibility for ergonomic comfort.


  1. April k - September 8, 2016 at 4:12 am - Reply

    I would like a fern

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