A good chair puts you on cloud nine

October 4, 2016

Imagine for a moment that someone gave you a puzzle — a nice gesture, right? Oh, I forgot to mention that the puzzle isn’t in its original box so there is no picture and no instructions.

Mike Grove sitting in Zeus' Cloud.

 Mike Grove sitting in Zeus’ Cloud.

This is pretty much how I felt whenever I started employment and was introduced to my new workspace while inheriting an office chair from a previous employee. A new job’s arduous onboarding schedule covers a broad range of topics, processes and responsibilities, noticeably absent and widely overlooked in this initial courtship is any information on how my office task chair functions.

OK, you may be thinking, “It’s a chair, Mike. It goes up and down, the back probably locks and the arms may or may not move. Don’t worry about it.”

That’s what I used to think as well before starting my career here at Canfield Business Interiors. I had what I would consider a normal onboarding schedule right up until the time I had one of my fellow employees explain to me the benefits of a properly adjusted office chair and demonstrate how the adjustments work. For the first time in 20-plus years working in offices, I don’t feel the tension in my shoulders at the end of a day. My stress and fatigue levels are lower, and I sit on my couch at home at night and actually miss my task chair (which, by the way, I’ve affectionately named Zeus’ Cloud).

I have also learned that several local businesses and health care providers actually employ ergonomic experts to help their employees understand the benefits of a properly adjusted chair. How cool is that?

Let’s face it. We invest hours and hours testing, pondering and researching mattresses before making a purchase because we know that we spend about 30 percent of our lives in bed. It’s a very personal and well-thought-out purchase. Based on a 40-hour work-week, the average person working in an office spends about 23 percent of their life in their office chair. Yet we inherit, repurpose and often choose these based on price, color, and aesthetic value with little respect or consideration for our own personal health and wellbeing.

My sole purpose here is it to share a concept and acknowledge a revelation that I had. Your office chair selection should be equally as personal as your mattress choice, and it should offer you comfort and support. The average person will only change task chairs five times during the working life. Make a good decision and lean on the experts here at Canfield for help. And yes, we do sell office chairs, but no, Zeus’ Cloud isn’t for sale.

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