Welcome, Cortney

October 18, 2016

Cortney Norell returned to South Dakota late this summer for love. Love of career, love of opportunity and love of life. Seeking a vibrant community in which to grow, Cortney identified Sioux Falls and Canfield Business Interiors as the place for her.

Cortney gained valuable experience working for the Phoenix office of a global architecture and design firm completing tenant improvement projects and designing corporate headquarters for international clients such as American Airlines and Isagenix. A St. Peter, MN native, Cortney earned her B.S. in interior design from SDSU.

What made you decide to join Team Canfield?

I really wanted to get more exposure to the commercial furniture industry. Canfield’s was involved at SDSU when I was a student in the design program, which is where I first learned about them. I loved that they were active participants in the design community and were committed to providing students like me with real life advice, knowledge and experiences.

So, why interior design?

I’m obsessed with anything artistic: painting, sketching, drawing, ceramics…creating things. But when I was in my senior year of high school trying to figure out what to major in at college I didn’t know how I was going to make a career out of it…until I discovered interior design. It’s the perfect outlet for me to satisfy my desire to create while applying my problem-solving and technical skills to provide the best solutions for clients.

I’ve also always had a love of learning. I believe knowledge enables a fresh perspective, deeper understanding, and assists us in becoming more successful in our careers, particularly in the design industry where trends are constantly changing. Continuously educating myself allows me to make more informed decisions, opens up unknown opportunities, and helps me to better assist client’s needs. I am always striving to better myself; it helps me stay motivated and keeps my mind curious.cortneynorelliseated

What does life look like beyond Canfield Business Interiors?

When I’m not at the office you can find me usually listening to a TED talk, taking my bike out for a spin on the Sioux Falls bike trail, organizing/decluttering everything in sight, cooking with my boyfriend (don’t tell him, but he’s better at it than me), and sprucing up my apartment with DIY projects. I love clothes and purses (probably a little too much), old Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, traveling to new places, and I am undeniably, unashamedly completely crazy about my new 5 week old kitten.

Any last words?

Working with a company that believes in helping its clients reach their potential is a dream. I get to put skill and creativity to work every day with CBI. Canfield’s goes beyond furniture; it’s creating change and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Canfield Business Interiors is excited to have Cortney as part of the team. Almost immediately, she began designing key work; she has been influential in developing plans in the healthcare and banking industries along with other commercial interior work. Welcome Cortney!

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