Scary spaces

October 28, 2016

April Kooiman

April Kooiman
New Business Development

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

“The call is coming from inside the house!”

“I’ll be right back!”

Halloween brings scary scenarios and frightening plots, brought to us by Hollywood, but I have discovered something more scary than a howling wind or a slamming door this spooky season: Office space.

hard workWhen our clients ask us to come meet them and look at their current space, it can be frightening. I’ve seen people sitting on metal folding chairs, at card tables, propping their legs up on boxes as there is no more space. I’ve Witnessed 6’8″ South Dakota farm boys sitting at student desks, monitors propped up by outdated phone books, hunched over like they’re Quasimodo. I’ve seen extension cords linked together tenfold to give employees the luxury of electricity.

“Carol Anne, don’t go into the light!”

Now imagine trying to recruit and retain employees to a business with horrifying office space. Spooky, huh?

There is a better way. Did you know that Canfield Business Interior designers can develop a space plan for you and let you see what the possibilities are before you even move a card table. Design is our niche. It’s not scary. We will hold your hand the entire way.

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