Meet Amelia

December 28, 2016

Amelia Arnold

Amelia Arnold

Amelia Arnold has made a career making people smile.

While earning her living selling wedding dresses and other special occasion apparel, she knew her success depended on satisfying the needs of her customers each and every day. At two leading shops in Sioux Falls, she worked to create amazing experiences for her customers as they sought to find their dream dresses.

Amelia knows that design, like dresses, is individualized and needs to be tailored to each individual. As our newest employee and receptionist, she gets to work one-on-one with customers when they call or stop in, which has long been her favorite part of work.

Amelia developed her interest in business during her years at the University of South Dakota. After gaining strong experience, she decided it was time to establish a career instead of “just a job.”

“We are a family, and she seemed to fit right in to the company,” said Jamie Zomer, a Canfield Business Interiors sales assistant who helped to interview Amelia. “She was outgoing and smiling, very friendly yet purposeful and grounded about her work.”

Amelia agrees, saying she enjoys the Canfield Business Interiors culture that is “fun and fast paced.” She noticed this energy the moment when she walked through the door for her interview, heard the music playing and saw a team well engaged in their work.

“During my interview, I thought I could get used to this,” Amelia said.

She loves the building’s open concept and the friendly faces, and now she is THE first friendly face seen by our customers. Sales Assistant Kim Phillips said Amelia stood out in her interview.

“Amelia has a very friendly positive attitude. She is excited to learn a new industry and do everything she can to help this new position succeed,” she said.

With her career and in life, Amelia has come full circle. After years of helping others find a dream dress, she has said “Yes” to her man, the father of her precious 18-month old son, and to her dress. As she plans her wedding, Amelia is keeping an eye on the interiors. Amelia and her fiancé will be married in a barn-styled event hall decorated for a rustic, romantic and vintage feel.

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