Long-distance project earns trust

July 24, 2017

Alanna Eggers, Designer

Alanna Eggers

Canfield Business Interiors began the Equity Trust project with a site visit to Cleveland, Ohio, to visit the company’s headquarters. Immediately, we recognized Equity Trust’s workplace culture was organized and sophisticated, and were greeted with friendly Midwestern smiles and coffee. Together we discussed detailed plans and furniture requirements and reviewed those plans with the architect, General Contractor, IT manager and decision makers from the Equity Trust team. Talk about a dream-team client to have!

Equity Trust’s leaders knew exactly what they wanted after recently completing a large remodel. Canfield Business Interiors CEO Larry Canfield and I were able to take Equity’s specific requests and work with the contractor to present floor plans within a week. We fleshed out the process with interior and furniture finishes, and even though 90 percent of the project involved long-distance communication, we accomplished a seamless design, budget, order and installation process. The tight collaboration allowed for minimal changes due to the upfront planning. Who says long distance relationships can’t work?!

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