A new kind of bank

October 19, 2017

Canfield helps Heritage Bank create new kind of bank

When Heritage Bank decided to open a branch in downtown Sioux Falls, the Spicer, Minnesota-based company sought to create a new kind of bank, one in which staff was out seeing customers rather than sitting in offices.

Abby Dyk
Canfield Designer

Design concepts called for an open floor plan that could foster collaboration while offering adaptability, and Canfield Business Interiors put a team together to help Heritage Bank to attain those goals.

“Eliminate the teller line, create spaces for collaboration. We used modular walls to define offices and to focus more on the customer relationships for Heritage Bank,” says Canfield designer Abby Dyk. “The clients were so focused on what they wanted in this space. They were great to work with.”

Heritage Bank is leasing 3,000 square feet of space in the Equity Square location at 8th Street and Phillips Avenue.

Heritage Bank Market President Dave Brown was very involved with the project from day one.

“I really like it,” Brown says, “We didn’t want traditional offices. We focused more on conference rooms and collaborative areas to meet with clients. Canfield Business Interiors helped us to create an open design and layout.”

With the client based in Minnesota, Canfield used video conference technology to work through the design. The process was seamless, as Heritage uses the same technology at its main branch.

Canfield looks forward to working with Heritage Bank in the future, and we are so glad the company opened up its market to include Sioux Falls.

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