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A good chair puts you on cloud nine

Imagine for a moment that someone gave you a puzzle — a nice gesture, right? Oh, I forgot to mention that the puzzle isn’t in its original box so there is no picture and no instructions. This is pretty much how I felt whenever I started employment and was introduced to my new workspace while […]

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Introducing the Fern

Haworth’s new ergonomic chair, Fern, celebrates comfort by turning traditional design outside-in. Dimensional suspension is artfully concealed, like an endoskeleton. This is opposite of most chairs exoskeleton design. Fern adjustment mechanisms are discreet, resulting in an inviting and approachable chair with residential appeal. Fern has a clean, sculpted design that elevates task chair aesthetics, making […]

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Missed Connections

At Canfield Business Interiors, we enjoy a fun environment with plenty of laughs mixed in with good old-fashioned hard work. One of our guilty office pleasures is chatting about “Missed Connections” in the break room while we pour our morning coffee. In case you’ve missed it, “Missed Connections” is a section on Craigslist in which […]

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