Integrated Palette™ by Haworth

Great alone. Better together. – Integrated Palette™ by Haworth

Haworth logoIntegrated Palette™ by Haworth is a grouping of product lines that work together seamlessly to adapt to changing needs in your work environment, allowing maximum flexibility in configuration, design and connectivity. The Integrated Palette™ design approach offers these benefits:


  • Return on investment: By providing optimum workspace configurations and multiple levels of adaptability to accommodate easy change and updating, Integrated Palette™ pays you back with enduring quality and reconfigurable layouts that cut waste, downtime and expense.
  • Reduced Inventory: Storing less inventory is always a benefit. With the inherent adaptability of Integrated Palette™, you can change workspace easily with few extra parts. Reusable product reduces the need for purchasing new parts, as well as the need for a large inventory.
  • Less wasteful changes: Not only will it take you less time to change a space when churn occurs or workstyles shift, it will create less waste, and in the end will be less costly to reconfigure.
  • No vacancy: When space needs to be reconfigured for a new tenant, Integrated Palette™’s moveable, adaptable products help speed up move-in times by making the process easy and quick.
  • Effective Use of billable hours: Because the product is easy to specify, the project will be easier to specify with a simple kit of parts.
  • Single-source supplier: Haworth’s full kit of parts and accessories is designed to create a high-performance interior, from access floors, power, data systems and lighting, to the Integrated Palette™—moveable walls, systems, desking, tables, storage and accessories—that all work together.
  • Sustainable: The Integrated Palette™ represents a new approach to modular interiors. One that will enhance your work environment while sparing valuable resources in the natural world. It will also prove a sustainable investment as your business needs evolve, changing with minimal cost, waste and downtime.
  • Endless Possibilities: Integrated Palette™ allows a designer to make a mark on any space. With thoughtful finishes, inviting aesthetics, full breadth of product and abundant applications, the designer is truly the master artist.
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Why it works

The Haworth team created a brilliant approach to design with Integrated Palette™ through seven design logics that ensure a seamless and fully integrated adaptable kit of parts:

  • Dimensional logic: Products share common dimensions to ensure they are compatible with one another across applications. Variation in scale and the progression from one scale to another is critical to make certain the space captures a changing rhythm and visual interest, yet feels consistent.
  • Planning logic: Products are applied together using a consistent, coherent and intelligent relationship. A wide array of planning configurations can be created that combine a variety of platforms and span multiple elevations.
  • Materials logic: Products are developed with continuity of materials in mind that encompass Design for Environment (Dfe) strategies ensuring materials are as sustainable as possible while retaining superior performance.
  • Finish logic: A simplified offering of wood, glass, fabric, and laminate can be combined to create a range of visual “moods.” Finishes between products are consistent in availability and longevity, and their compatibility eases the specification process.
  • Visual logic: Individual product platforms complement each other and create a visually coherent workspace. Products look like they were designed concurrently. They remain timeless, while providing the right mix of mass, scale and proportion.
  • Interface logic: Interior architectural elements are considered when products are developed to leverage the connection to a raised floor and ceiling or any built structure in between.
  • Interconnectivity Logic: Products connect to each other to ensure easy adaptability between and across platforms.

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