The Woltman Group

The Woltman Group CPA firm reached a significant milestone two years ago when they made the decision to design and build their own building. Their new two-story building located on south Minnesota Avenue and 77th Street in Sioux Falls overlooks a serene pond and breathtaking water feature.

Canfield Business Interiors furnished partner offices, manager offices, a large reception area, workstations, conference rooms, breakroom and an outdoor patio. The intent of the interior design was to bring the outside in and maximize the plentiful windows and the natural sunlight they provide.

These investments were critical in The Woltman Group’s goal to create a space that recruits and retains talented employees, along with a building that demonstrated the trust that their clients can depend on. The Woltman Group utilizes 10,000 square feet of space on the upper level of the building and will lease the lower level, seamlessly continuing the same furnishing and furniture in that space.

Canfield Business Interiors worked with the architect and general contractor from day one on this new construction project to design a space that conveys trustworthiness and solid relationships.