Where we’re going

Canfield signCanfield Business Interiors’ mission, vision and values are posted on a wall in our office, continually reminding us of our commitment to provide customers with quality products paired with impeccable service. We value our vision as key to all that is ahead, and we proudly share these value statements with our clients.


Canfield Business Interiors creates better space by design.


Canfield Business Interiors makes space better by creating and enhancing workspaces through sophisticated design, resulting in better business performance and improved employee recruitment and retention for all.

  • Synergy — Working as a team for the good of all
  • Performance – Providing solutions that support financial stability for all
  • Accountability – Maintaining trust, honesty and responsibility for all
  • Commitment – Dedication to improving, growing and learning
  • Excellence – Going above and beyond in quality and delivery

And would you look at that? If you take the first letters of our five values, they combine to spell SPACE. In delivering to you synergy, performance, accountability, commitment and excellence, we pledge not only to make your space better, but also to demonstrate our values at every phase of our relationship.

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