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5 Ways for Schools to Use ESSER Funding Before the September 2024 Deadline

Don’t miss out on the critical opportunity to make changes and updates to your educational spaces.

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ESSER III funds expire on September 30, 2024. That means 2023/24 is the last school year in which this specific funding program will be available for K-12 education. Don’t miss out on the critical opportunity to make changes and updates to your educational spaces. The changes you make will have an incredible impact on students for years to come.

Below are five ways to use your funding before September 2024.

Invest in a Competitive Esports Program

Embrace the burgeoning world of competitive esports by utilizing ESSER funds to upgrade technology and create state-of-the-art esports facilities. Equip your esports teams with top-notch gaming computers, headsets, and specialized controllers, while also providing ergonomic chairs and modular lounge furniture to support their needs.

Improve Equity and Accessibility

Foster equitable learning environments by providing a variety of furnishings that cater to diverse learning styles. Offer flexible seating options that allow students to choose environments that best suit their needs, promoting accessibility and inclusivity for all learners.

Create Flexible Learning Spaces & Innovation Centers

Embrace the versatility of flexible furniture pieces that adapt to evolving classroom needs. Invest in mobile and modular furniture that facilitates collaborative group work, individual learning, and active learning approaches, empowering educators to create dynamic learning environments.

Implement New Educational Technology

Recognize the pivotal role of technology in education by investing in digital room managers, device charging solutions and video conferencing systems that enhance the productivity of students and teachers. Upgrade your technology infrastructure with hardware and software to improve connectivity and introduce assistive technology aids for student instruction.

Invest in Facility Reprieve Spaces

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the future of our students, and it’s essential to prioritize their well-being. Consider creating faculty reprieve spaces. These spaces provide educators with a dedicated environment to relax, recharge, and collaborate with colleagues. Providing teachers with a designated area to take a break not only supports their mental and physical health but also demonstrates appreciation for their hard work and dedication to student success. By investing in facility reprieve spaces, you can show gratitude to your valuable employees and create a positive school culture that fosters teacher well-being and retention.

Let Us Help

Have a plan for your ESSER funds? Reach out to Corey McMillian, our dedicated K-12 specialist, certified by the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) with over 25+ years’ experience in the interior design industry. Or connect with us here.

Together, we will make your space better.

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