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Our Story

New faces. New approach. All working together to help you win every workday. Canfield blends the enthusiasm of a startup with the experience of a 40-year vet. Driven by a love for design and a passion for inspiring high-performance spaces, we’re able to craft forward-thinking environments that allow companies to reach their business goals and everyone to work in their own unique way.


In 1976 Larry Canfield founded the company that is now known today as Canfield Business Interiors. He then partnered with Haworth to become the South Dakota Preferred Dealer.


The trend of “Cubing America” made its way to South Dakota where Canfield Business Interiors became the industry leader for implementing the open plan concept for local and regional businesses.


Relocated to our current showroom in Downtown Sioux Falls and established one of the region’s first working showrooms. This was the start of the promotion of the idea that good design matters.


Established the best practices model for furniture dealers and became an inaugural member of Haworth’s Best-In-Class award.


Became a beta site for the book The Commercial Real Estate Revolution written by Rex Miller. The book won the Global Innovation of the Year award by Cornet Real Estate Association.


Started a leadership transition with Stephanie Canfield being named President which has set the vision that will move the company forward.